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Message Subject A journal of these Alien/ET related events that have unfolded in my life
Poster Handle eXigent
Post Content
Just a quick question for you Michael. Is it possible for anybody to reach out and try to make contact? or are people picked and thats it.

I have been obsessed with visitors and UFO's for my entire life. I think about this every single day, day in and day out. It has become a big part of my inner self, to learn and read as much as possible. That being said, its only natural for my to want to take it to another step and attempt communication.

My problem is that I am very unaware as to whether or not this is possible. I have read that meditating and thinking of them can possibly gain their attention, but im not too sure about that. Is it possible for me to reach out to them?

Thank you very much for reading this, and for posting in general.
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