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Message Subject Exclusive: Proof to the world "Aliens" are Spiritual Beings (UPDATE: Added link)
Poster Handle M.E.
Post Content
I think that is a satellite. I do believe aliens are demons. But what you have is a satellite that is catching sunlight from space. Eventually the satellite will fade as it catches the last bit of sunlight. I have watched many satellite and even the space station and they all do this. The space station will appear to get brighter for a second before it disappears and smaller ones just fade out.

Now if this was going in a straight line and then sped up and changed directions or did anything else I would be very interested. As this was going at a steady pace and just faded out, I think it must be a satellite. You can probably get many videos of this same thing as they do tend to follow the same paths. I think there is even an ap for your phone which will tell you which satellights you are likely to see and the direction in the sky they are located and which times they will pass over.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30617885

I have an app on my Android called SatelliteAR, and at the time there were no satellites. I was thinking maybe a military satellite?

I have seen the satellites in night-vision on YouTube, I agree they look similar, but this one faded out when entering the Golden Gate. This is what raised my interest.

All the satellites, I have ever tracked stay illuminated in my Yukon Night Vision monocular.

I do not think it stayed in a straight line the trajectory was altered a bit as well. Very slight alterations albeit I am no expert!

In closing, I have never had a satellite disappear on my before, because with my night vision I can see through the clouds.

With all that I have said, does this change your opinion at all? Or are you convinced it is a satellite?
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