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Message Subject a legit question ...if aliens showed up and grabbed people christians would you...?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

What if the aliens said they were our creators and they made up the story of god and Jesus because our puny brains couldn't handle the truth that our creators are aliens? Would you go then?
 Quoting: JustinSider

Like I said the angels come and gather us from all over the world, and we are changed from mortal to immortal. Also christ will ressurect the righteous dead.

So if these so called aliens come and cannot perform any of this, then we know they are imposters.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34591642

Well what if they bring down tons of ships, and start gathering up all the righteous people, and bringing righteous people back from the dead and give you an orb of light to drink from and when you do, you become immortal.

For all we know god is just an alien creator. He made us in his image but it doesn't say he made us exactly like him.
Also, we create simple stories for our children because we know they can't contemplate such elaborate and mind blowing truths. So they could have done the same thing to us.
 Quoting: JustinSider

So how will they know who is righteous and who is not?

In any case Christ tells us that we will know Him when He returns. If we really love the Lord we will not be fooled.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41814372

"Aliens" are so wholly evil that many abductees get a very evil vibe from them. Yeshua(Jesus) in contrast is so Holy that many NDE survivers get a rapturous and completely & overwhelmingly loving vibe from Him. I suspect we'll be able to tell the difference.
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