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Obama’s Epic Intel Failure: FBI Knew Even Earlier Of Boston Jihadists

Future Dodo bird...

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06/16/2013 03:33 PM

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Obama’s Epic Intel Failure: FBI Knew Even Earlier Of Boston Jihadists
"So it wasn’t just strong warnings from Russia and Saudi Arabia, there were other red flags. And that wasn’t enough for the dhimmi FBI to spring into action. Because Obama scrubbed all references to jihad and Islam from counter terror materials, substituting the homicidal “outreach” approach in accordance with Islamic supremacist demands from Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR (and their lapdogs in the media like Spencer Ackerman).

All 263 families of the victims of the Boston jihad bombers should file multi-million dollar lawsuits against the Obama administration. Redirect some of the blood money he is handing over to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the jihadists in Syria and Libya, Hamas in Gaza ….

Read more: [link to freedomoutpost.com]

This author wants the victims families to sue the Obama administration? Bostonians are his biggest supporters so I doubt even a bomb in the midst will change their devotion and hero worship...

So sad that we are being dictated to by the Muslim Brotherhood. I have held the theory that the MB was in the White House dictating the non-response to Benghazi as well...

The FBI scares me, the IRS scares me and the stupidity of Obama supporters scare me...
Democraps have removed G-d from everything except a convenient photo op!

Prayers for Congressman Steve Scalise, please keep fighting.

Republicans have traded in their "kick me" signs for "please don't shoot me" signs. Republicans are such cowards and President Trump deserves better from his own party.