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Subject Illuminati, Israeli Mossad, and Diageo are behind "protests" in Brazil (Operation "O Gigante Acorda")
Poster Handle keep walking
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This is all that you need to know...

in 2011, Diageo Co. made this TV ad for Johnnie Walker in Brazil:

the name of the ad was "O gigante acordou", that means "the giant woke up"

in 2013, starting in the end of April, Diageo Co. made another TV ad for Johnnie Walker Red Label in Brazil:

this ad says: "Está na hora do próximo passo", that means "It's time for the next step"

The ad was considered a "mystery" by many Brazilians, because it was not clear what was the "next step" they were talking about...

OK, now, a series of "protests" started in Brazil, against rising public transportation fares in some cities, and now that the FIFA Confederations Cup started, violent protests are also taking place outside the venues of the matches of the Confederations Cup, "against the money spent with the Cup"

OK, guess what is the HASHTAG used to organize the protests on Twitter?

It's #OGiganteAcorda that means "The giant wakes up"

It's now VERY CLEAR that the MYSTERIOUS AD made by Diageo for Johnnie Walker, talking about "time for the next step" was a CODE WORD for unleashing this "Operation O Gigante Acorda"

Israeli Mossad is manipulating brainless youth to create those violent protests.

Just like they are used to do in Egypt, or now in Turkey...

Illuminati, Israeli Mossad, and Diageo are behind "protests" in Brazil

It's "Operation O Gigante Acorda"

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