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Message Subject Illuminati, Israeli Mossad, and Diageo are behind "protests" in Brazil (Operation "O Gigante Acorda")
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Stop blaming Israel for everything. You say that they want to control the other side of the world yet how can it be if they're now under risk of war near them???

The perfect strategy for satan is to blame his own target, and this is what he does convincing people everything is to
be blamed on israel.
 Quoting: NoMe 1356412


There are too much conspiracy tards willing to see a Mossad-Illuminati-Rotschild-(name your tptb here) in every drop of water.

Here the facts:

1 - Brazilian TPTB were NEVER as corrupt as nowadays. Even the PEC37 (constitutional amendment with the outrageous goal which is to turn this country into a corruption free territory) is about to be voted (and passed) by the congress on the 26th.

2 - Bankers, politicians, businessmen, etc. - the ones who really RUN the country have never been RICHER than they are now. Look at the past Itau's and Bradesco's profits.

3 - It may only SEEM that the average brazilian's purchase power increased but that is only because credit has gone loose - which in turn makes CEF's profits even more.

4 - Confed cup, World Cup, Olypmics have brought MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars in contracts (over budgeted ones of course) and absolutely every one signing the contracts is taking their share.

5 - Electronic voting makes frauds even easier, which means everyone with the power to do so, can win, regardless of public opinion.

Now, tell me, why oh why would TPTB want to cause a revolution here where they are so comfortably installed and doing great one year after another?

With that said, I truly believe this is a real movement where people are SICK AND TIRED of working their asses off all year only to pay more and more taxes and seeing nothing in return...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42034084

Maybe the reason is just to make the leftist parties lose popularity. I believe this might be the goal for now.

People are enraged but their complaints are directed. The government will meet at least some of those demands, let us say: better transport, hospitals well equiped, which will really help people, but it was in the plans of the elite before the manifestations took place to make those changes so things work better for them (people working better -> things going fast -> the "changes" they (the elite) want to implement goes faster).

The quality of life will increase? I hope so. But will corruption end because of manifestations? No, the media and the government will only hide it, as they always do, only showing what is convenient for them to show.

Public manifestation to end corruption is like asking the foxes taking care of the chickens to become themselves chickens. They'll hardly do it, if ever. Unless there is mass repentance in all the government sectors, which is very unlikely.
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