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Message Subject Illuminati, Israeli Mossad, and Diageo are behind "protests" in Brazil (Operation "O Gigante Acorda")
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just ask yourselves. What do Brazil and Turkey have in common? The protest reasons are vastly different. The only thing they have in common is the negotiation process the two countries initiated some time ago with Iran. The two countries took a stand against Israel's assertive policy against Iran and Palestine. Erdogan openly argued with Peres in Davos(one minute incident).Simply put they angered Israel. CNN broadcasted the protests in Turkey for hours and hours while U.S was facing scandal after scandal and syria was burning more than ever. Now they are doing the same for brazil. And we all know who the media is influenced by in the U.S. Anyone who messes with Israel gets smacked. No need for illumunati or anything.
 Quoting: Ataturk 42127861

Nope! I!have another approach, hear me out. Centuries ago Spain and Portugal split the world in two with the Tordesilhas Treat, half of the pizza-world for each. In those days these were the empires, Spain had the gran armada ships. Holand was a naval empire as well. Then England and Elizabeth took over the world and we know the rise of USA, the struggle with nazis and Japan, then USSR , the Fall of Berlin Wall,,etc.....
The wrath in Brazil is legitimate for reasons already known but it's NAÏVE to think the things are just that.
If you were a Roman emperor, would you like to use the benefit of the goods merely from Rome or the WHOLE EXTENSION OF ROMAN EMPIRE? Obviously the latter. That hasn't changed an inch!

However, the mob, the mass of people would like to think the masters of the world, the elite, TPTB are USA as a country, the bad wolf versus the good sheep, every country wants to play the victim and the good guys. Sorry to dissapoint you but there are no good guys or good countries.

Whomever controls the world is not just American government but a fistful of people and families who are the owners of monopolies and corporations.

On tv Brazilian people discuss endlessly about the need to improve public transportation but NOBODY TALKS THE HEART OF THE MATTER, "o miolo do assunto". What?

They talk about extending the subway, improve the highways, reduce prices. The fact is they are ignoring THE PRODUCTION OF CARS LIKE HAMBURGERS WHICH CAN'T BE DIGESTED IS WORLDWIDE PROBLEM. Why the countries have this traffic jam nightmare and have not invested in clean energy transportation like more streetcars and trains except in some civilized countries? Because as every prime minister knows ECONOMY SPINS AROUND CAR FACTORIES and this is big $$$$$$ for Fiat, Dodge, Chevrolet. So whatever "improvement" won't solve the fucking problem. For years there are cars using solar energy but the investment is ridiculous. Because cars are fed with FUEL so the big issue which is overlooked, the heart of the matter which reporters turn the blind eye on is WHO ARE THE OWNERS OF OIL....

Turkey's problems indeed have nothing to do with Brazilian troubles, neverthless TPTB cam easily play chess game with the weakness of each country.

Which was the country which led towards the instability of Europe? Greece, of course. Now what Brazilian people and most of YOU perhaps ignore, is that country has a history record of not paying their debts, it's a national calamity since ever. WHO GAVE THE GREEN LIGHT TO ALLOW THE OLYMPIC GAMES IN GREECE if they knew the government was making statistic magic, playing with numbers? Greece went down the hole and has dragged Europe and now Germany is the one which complains the most.

Brazilian government had made believe it was growing so much, that's the advertisement they created with demagogy speech. The fact is better informed citizens know the growth is low even compared with smaller countries in poor South America.

Why the anonymous hackers waited so long to react and not when they knew YEARS AGO Brazil was gonna be the place for the cup? WHY THE ADVERTISEMENT very well done and expensive of the giant who wakes up? WHO THE FUCK DRINKS WHISKY IN BRAZIL?????

I go to the houses of wealthy Brazilian and they use Johny Walkers bottles just to put them on the shelves to show up as part of the house decoration in the living room, to make evident how rich they are! Poor, middle class amd rich only drink beer and only the ones with better taste drink red wine. The consumption of whisky and wine is ridiculous in such a big country with 190 million people compared with the % of other countries.

So, what was the advertisement for and for whom? The FIAT slogan.... the building with the Freemason eye and the pyramid, the orders given by a minority to shout some statements at specific distances to trigger violence, the cops shooting inoccent people and even physicians rather than attacking the ones who are creating havoc.... this looks like a well done chess game.

People are walking with a specific MASK. The one worn in the movie V FOR VENDETTA. Probably the mass of people not even saw the film cos they were watching bread and circus, that is SOCCER invented by Freemasons, even the ROYAL names of the teams in Spain shout that....

Lemme tell you about the mask...
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