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Message Subject Illuminati, Israeli Mossad, and Diageo are behind "protests" in Brazil (Operation "O Gigante Acorda")
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Lula, his son Lulinha, Dirceu, the fucking criminal who stole the money from Brazilian people and hid it under HIS UNDERWEAR (the kind of things you can only listen in Brazil, the "paradise")... these people are little fish compared with TPTB, even if they remain in their fiscal islands living like rich.

Why on earth Dilma sent $ to Cuba or wants to bring foreign physicians to help when in Brazil we have seen CATTLE SHITTING LITERALLY ON THE HALLS OF ABANDONED HOSPITALS??????? Is she so stupid or retarded or evil or corrupted that she doesn't see the money is needed for Brazilian people? Maybe but I think there are forces pushing her as well for the deals. That woman was TORTURED for her ideals!

Presidents are puppets. Obama is a puppet of Black Panthers as well, rich
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