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Message Subject Obama's Approval Rating Plummets
Poster Handle Eggcellent
Post Content
the real shocker is that he has any approval at all
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11290458

I'll bet the real numbers are 50% of what the poll numbers show. They can only prop these numbers up for so long.
 Quoting: Fire Watch

Well, the Democrats pulled a similar stunt with the Election(s). The "results" were so fantastic (120% voter turnout in some districts, 100% of all the votes for Obama and not one single solitary vote for Romney in other districts, the entire votes of some Districts suddenly being "lost", multiple votings by the same persons, etc.) and yet the Obama fanatics wouldn't even entertain the possibility that perhaps something might be askew with the results.

In other words, typical Obama-roids.

I believe that (should we even survive Obama) an entire genre of scientific literature devoted to mentality studies of these rabid Obama supporters will pop up. Sort of like how after WW2 there were lots of psychiatric books written about how the German citizens could look the other way when it came to the Concentration Camps.
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