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Barack Obama rejects allegations of surveillance

Anonymous Coward
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06/17/2013 04:17 PM
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Barack Obama rejects allegations of surveillance
USA. , the English newspaper The Guardian recently revealed that the U.S. government monitors all internet traffic that passes its servers. Now back shows U.S. President Barack Obama allegations of monitoring of its own people.

In a project called PRISM state newspaper The Guardian that the U.S. government monitors all Internet traffic passing through its servers in search of "terrorists." According to the magazine noted the collaborates several social media and services like Facebook, Yahoo! and Google with the U.S. government in monitoring the project.

James Clapper , Director of National Intelligence, now raging against the Guardian's revelation and called the publication of classified information for "recklessly" . He also thinks that the newspaper spread false information about the project.

The American President Barack Obama rejects accusations that the government would monitor Americans and declares that "no one listens to your phone calls" . He also believes that it strikes a balance between the population's integrity and national security. The president announces that he continues to welcome a public debate on PRISM:

Despite the president's now open attitude, the project for a long time been kept hidden from the Americans and the news of the PRISM hit like a bomb in the American media in the week.

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