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The Sign of Jesus, 'O' at the Throne of Satan??? 19/06/2013

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United Kingdom
06/17/2013 04:55 PM
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The Sign of Jesus, 'O' at the Throne of Satan??? 19/06/2013
The SIGN of JESUS IN HEAVEN & Obama back at the seat of Satan in Berlin LINES UP!!! With Interesting NUMBERS...

The AMAZING sign of Jesus just happened above our Heads in Heaven from Revelation Chapter 1 v 12-16. It Ran from Passover, through to the end of May, and I thought the rapture might happen then, but it didn't happen... So I thought I'd take a look forward to see what was coming, if there was more, that I'd missed...

The SUN and Jupiter, being the two of the main players in the Picture of Jesus, being the eye and the Face, come together in the heavens on June 19th. Jupiter passes behind the Sun for 9 Hours, Is this the fulfilment of the Vision?? The EYE and the FACE GLOWING Together???? I don't know, but it's what happens anyway, so no need to dispute it... Wasn't there some strange news about Jupiter loosing a spot the last time it passed behind the sun??

Anyway, it SO HAPPENS that Obama (A potential Antichrist/Beast figure..... Go Figure!!!!) will be Addressing the world again, back where it started, at the Seat of Satan in Berlin at EXACTLY the SAME TIME time....on JUNE 19TH, In front of the Brandenberg Gates, where the Seat of Satan IS!!

They Line Up!! Am I just seeing Patterns???? I think Not!!

And also it's 19/06/2013, 13 days after 06/06/2013 which is a 6-6-6, (2+0+1+3=6), and Everybody knows the Significance of 13! all big Occult No.s (Maybe that's just another Co-incidence???)

While His Military are joining the Cruise to Syria, Just like 40,000 Iranians and I don't know how many Russians with their S300s...

TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!! This stuff is HAPPENING!!!! Not just to me...
And it's happening NOW, DID I SAY NOW...
Confess, Repent & Believe before the Meekest King of Kings you will ever meet!!!
And FEAR his Power, for He Is Almighty! and He is Mighty to To Save!!!!!

Is this the Rapture?? Is this the revealing of the Beast?? 'Cos I'm pretty sure I know who it is by now... Are we gone before this happens?? or Do we get to see it... I still Don't know, but with the goings-on above and the goings-on ABOVE, it can't be long.... I'd say Soon, Very Soon, Very, Very, Very, Very VeVeVeVeVeVERYVERYVERY SOON!!!!

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com]
[link to www.bib-arch.org]
[link to media-2.web.britannica.com]

User ID: 38331431
United States
06/17/2013 05:12 PM
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Re: The Sign of Jesus, 'O' at the Throne of Satan??? 19/06/2013
Amazing find OP!

Nostradamus Century 1: Quatrain 50
From the water trinity will be born,
One who will make Thursday as his holiday.
His renown, praise, rule, and power increase,
By land and sea to the East by storm.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37570036
United States
06/17/2013 05:20 PM
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Re: The Sign of Jesus, 'O' at the Throne of Satan??? 19/06/2013
Why would Jesus ever go to the throne of Satan


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