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Message Subject Did Glen Beck pocket hush money? Did he pat you on the back, While pissing in your boot? This guy creeps me out... What's your opinion?
Poster Handle NoSilence
Post Content
I dunno. Seems like he would already have enough money.

+1 for the Mudville reference. :D
 Quoting: calx

When you have allot of money, the more complex life becomes..
You also get very paranoid about loosing what you have..
In short: You never have enough..

 Quoting: NoSilence

So if one has money....then one is.... by nature... criminal and of low moral character???
Is that your implication? grnrolleyes

classenvy austinshill
 Quoting: Useless Cookie Eater

No, my friend..That is not what I was implicating..

But I'll be honest with you..

I made my fortune by supplying Ralston Purina of all their fish products for pet food..

Millions of pounds monthly...
Also I did my time in prison for other products that the boats would have that cross my dock...
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