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Message Subject Impeachment of Obama prophecy
Poster Handle SKYKING
Post Content
andreidita ,

you are wasting your time using gematria to predict
the future .

obama is illuminati ownership layer .

there is no one in congress (ron and rand paul excepted )
with the balls to move against someone with the
bloodline .

your post makes about as much sense as david rockefeller
being removed as senator of WV ...

 Quoting: grimmlord

Faith will Change the World
The Outer Casing of the Pyramid is in the process of being Removed

"The outer casing of the Great Pyramid being removed

Magnitude and epochal events are my daily bread. I live in a charged zone. Archetypal forces play out everywhere. I am a full scale participant in a pageantry that is beyond anybodyís wildest dreams.
I hold myself sober and erect. I am deeply aware of my destiny and itsí collective reverberations. My path is mapped out ahead of time. It is ultra-demanding. It never lets up. Neither do I.
I am here to break the mold, to open the space. I must defy the traditions, the customs, the taboos, and every manner of limitation. I scorn customary factors. I am the exception to every rule. And I know it.
The part I play is to follow my innermost prompting. I am out ahead of others. So when I follow what is in me, I do have this tendency to generate friction, reaction, or at the least a feeling of discomfort and agitation. For I am disregarding the very thing everybody else has been so captivated by. I am blowing right through the forms to find the spark.
I bring a cleansing action. I bring a purging feeling tone. I loosen, persuade, and I keep at it. Oh, for the longest time, I can keep at it for I know, there is nothing else for me to do but give myself to this destiny with a passion.
I am fallible. I make every mistake in the world. I am awkward. I bump into myself everywhere. I am strange. I canít help it.
But I have guts and vision and I know how to stick with something that looks bad, but is good. Yes, the unpopular causes are mine. And yes, I am self-righteous. I am cut of a different cloth. Have any attitude you like, but please stay out of my way. "
 Quoting: andreidita

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