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kraft joins in on the putin/obama attack...the catch 22..armageddon

User ID: 36461365
United States
06/17/2013 09:07 PM
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kraft joins in on the putin/obama attack...the catch 22..armageddon
beacsuse israel is so clearly against the putin/obama alliance, robert kraft, who is jewish, now takes on the "indian-giver" role by inferring that putin stole his super bowl ring......what is going on here is a perfect storm..israel is in a bad neighborhood, SHAPESHIFTED BY NUCLEAR ARMED JIHAD, and is fighting fire with fire by actively engaging in global price fixing thru their alliance with the jewish controlled russian PRIVATE OIL..thus it has the iron dome and other expensive weopon systems...putin and obama have a combined religious(putin is orthodox christian and syria is an original seat of christianity, having a 20% christain population) economic card in syria as they must stop these contrived oil wars which are designed to keep the prices from coming down, the global downmove keyed to putins state owned asian oil..its a catch 22