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Subject The only reason people disbelieve the end of civilization.
Poster Handle Dr Strange
Post Content
Is because they cant imagine it. They think this world is forever because it is all they have ever known. It does seem eternal because of the human perspective of time ...Most people have a very limited perspective of time. This is it for most people ..this world ...there is no other truth...This is everything.

But as human beings grow and get smarter and see more catastrophes and record the catastrophic events better then we will have a better idea of what the end of this civilization will look like. Like putting pieces of a puzzle together ...And in grand universal ironic coincidence as we get a better picture at seeing what the end looks like the end will give us more examples of the end to see it by ...Until the end actually arrives. Then the only way the survivors will have to record (maybe other ways to) what and how the end happened will be primitive cave drawings and stone writings maybe ....But then again we already have those huh ?

I believe the end of this world will only be a cycle and that a long time ago the end of a very similar world happened before. And of course over time all we are left with is bits and pieces of that evidence. Cave drawings and stone writings.

I also believe (and this is way far out belief) That the more people on Earth that want to see the end of this world (civilization) the more "God" will grant them their wish.
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