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Message Subject The Purge, Illuminati, Ayahuasca Connection.
Poster Handle 5-MeO-DEUS
Post Content
The text at the very beginning of the film calls to engage in purging in order to "cleanse the soul", yet the negative twist in the film is the depiction of murder and violence, counter productive to spiritual growth, in order to br cleansed.

Ayahuasca is translated as the "vine of the soul" and is highly esteemed for its ability to be spiritually cleansing, which is what the physical purging during typical Ayahuasca sessions symbolize.

When one becomes aware of a significant portion of their scope and focus and one acquires sufficient occult knowledge, it becomes very easy to spot, discern and comprehend the hidden meanings and references the Illuminati place in Hollywood films. Especially when references are made to accessing other dimensions, a fire inside, or a certain emphasis on when "I am" is said. Iron Man 3 was particularly chocked full of such esoteric references.
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