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Message Subject The Purge, Illuminati, Ayahuasca Connection.
Poster Handle 5-MeO-DEUS
Post Content
So many people searching deeply when truth is so simple. Stimulants are not the answer...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41906376

A sacramental plant-containing elixir used safely for thousands of years by many "primitive" tribe, containing a compound that is endogenous to humans and plants (DMT) and used for the purposes of healing, extra-dimensional perception, astral travel, sorcery (shooting pathogenic energy darts), clairvoyance/divination and generates mystical and divine experiences, is actually the answer, or more accurately, one of the most efficient, powerful tools one can use to discover "the truth", and acheive much more. DMT is not cocaine or meth.

Entheogens are the supreme keys to exploring and raising consciousness and reconfiguring ones reality. But that isn't what this thread is about, although what im putting forth is known, accepted and largely embraced by the illuminati. Ayahuasca is critical to spiritual evolution, and it is essentially a third eye super booster. The illuminati are not the elite simply because they are wealthy but because they are "dreaming awake" and spiritually evolved, psychically elite, and their practices are eclectic, and based upon what works best. Ayahuasca works best for a number of occult purposes.
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