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Alien message takeover UK TV ?? real or fake?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28750166
United States
06/18/2013 11:58 AM
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Re: Alien message takeover UK TV ?? real or fake?
seriously guys real? You can take over a broadcasting station and put a logo on air... but you can produce a clear audio in analog????

Kind of like the argument that all these craft are crashing here on earth....... they can travel light years through space go through god knows how many metior belts and gases and shit who knows what and get here with no problem but then crash after they get here....right
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Just Sayin
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They probably don't take hostile fire till they get here lol
aqmah (OP)

User ID: 41072144
United Arab Emirates
06/18/2013 03:34 PM

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Re: Alien message takeover UK TV ?? real or fake?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 62728224
United States
09/10/2014 09:16 AM
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Re: Alien message takeover UK TV ?? real or fake?
Not sure if its real or not... can't decide but its very convincing...

As for the arguments that its fake I have some reasons behind the problems.


Transmission issues...

If they are traveling here in a craft like the one I imagine in my own head and conceptual designs for anti-gravitational devices and faster than light travel and all that fancy stuff we wish we had. Which I think is really just a way for them to travel from a higher dimensional plane to ours to communicate with us.

Such a machine or device or whatever would cause incredible amounts of interruption to any sort of broadcast due to the infinite amount of energy required to cross down to the lower plane of existence which is why terrible reception.



lol.. im not even going to answer that.


Crashing ships

They crash because they get sucked into our lower dimensional plane from time to time... most of the time though nothing is left.

Any and all technology we receive and find from these wrecks was never meant to exist on this plane and is why so much shit is fucked up and our technology is skewed ahead of our spiritual capabilities and existence and also running the greed machine I think.

Anyway thats my two cents on that.

In other news...

I am currently working on some stuff that could seriously make life a lot easier for everyone, the first one being electricity with a fuel source that is infinite and everyone can use.

No more electric bills money for gas or heating bills...

those are just the core things.
people with ingenuity can do a lot with something that will produce electricity indefinitely.

Also to those who say "free energy doesn't exist yada yada conservation of energy blah blah."

I say.. look at the damn solar system... no wait... look at the fuken galaxy... waiittttt... no the fuken sun (but the sun runs out Anon... yeah.. in like billions of years)... or wait heres one... THE UNIVERSE.

So far we think the universe goes on forever and even lasts forever... and the whole thing is moving... like a lot.. why the hell would we not be able to extract or use energy freely if that is the case which it is...

Energy is free and fossil fuels are freakin stupid now with our current technological state its polluting everything and killing probably 1000s of people a day through war and accidents. Who in the world thinks its a good idea to keep this and silence free energy "nut-jobs" other than the monopolized energy and fossil fuel companies... with unlimited funding to ruin ur name fuck with u and disprove ur ideas with things that sound like facts.

Aside from my universe arguement... atoms...

Always moving...

Molecules too...

everything is always moving. Energy is free, otherwise we wouldn't be alive.

Right now I'm finally at experimentational phases of my concepts finally got some money to do so, almost have a working proof of concept of a device to power at least a light bulb for a very long time.

Wish me luck... the goal is create simple plans/design and spread them/it viral via the internet that anyone can use and create using any and all household items and electronics you can find a device that will supply you with "free" energy that is essentially extracted from atoms.

Any questions post here I will watch this thread occasionally but I'm sort of busy so yeah and I dont want to post my email cause my names in it... and I cant create a free email account because everywhere asks for a cellphone nowadays... wtf...\

Also the designs and instructions on building this sort of thing will be posted and revealed once it is fully operational and after I generate some small funding for future projects from it... (what unfortunately everything requires money right now).

The Dark Side shall fall.