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Message Subject Empathy, Integrity, and Transparency
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Illumination is coming. One day, like the Chrysalids, we shall be free. Logos humanity must take a decisive step forward. We can have no sympathy for the Mythos masses. They have done nothing but hold us back, persecute us and obstruct progress. They are the enemies of the evolution of the human mind. Only Logos minds can become divine. The Mythos mind is the highest animal mind; it has no divine potential. It belongs to the brutes, the beast of the fields, the wolf packs and monkey troops ruled by dominant, psychopathic alpha males – of which Abraham’s God is the cosmic version, infinitized version.
In The Chrysalids, the Sealanders came to the rescue. There are no Sealanders on their way to save us. We have no need of them. How can we become Gods if we can’t do it ourselves? We are our own Messiahs and Saviours. The Logos species is almost infinitely smarter than the Mythos species. If all Logos thinkers join together, we can easily defeat the Mythos Mob. The issue is not one of intelligence but of will. Do we have the will to bring the reign of Mythos to an end?

Species Replacement
“Critics have disagreed with Wyndham’s implication that two differently evolved species must necessarily fight to the death.” – Wikipedia
“Sometime there will come a day when we ourselves shall have to give place to a new thing. Very certainly we shall struggle against the inevitable just as these remnants of the Old People do. We shall try with all our strength to grind it back into the earth from which it is emerging, for treachery to one’s species must always seem a crime. We shall force it to prove itself, and when it does, we shall go; as by the same process, these are going. In loyalty to their kind they cannot tolerate our rise; in loyalty to our kind, we cannot tolerate their obstruction.” – John Wyndham, The Chrysalids
Never forget these words. The Mythos mob cannot tolerate the rise of a Logos super race. And a Logos super race cannot tolerate the obstruction of the Mythos mob. It’s them or us. A world devoted to the Torture God is a doomed world. Wyndham’s implication is unavoidable. The world either worships the Torture God or pursues a radical new vision. It cannot do both. There can be no new world until every trace of the Torture God is removed from our world. The death of the Torture God is a precondition for a divine humanity.

Mythos people are prone to irrational notions such as superstition, faith and unrealistic hope. They are driven by primitive fears and desires, and if someone (a prophet) or something powerful (a Church) tells them that something is true then they believe it even when it’s totally irrational to do so. If someone told you they encountered an angel in a cave, you would think they were insane. Yet 1.5 billion Muslims believe this deranged claim and base their whole lives on it.
It’s amazing that billions of people have allowed themselves to be conned into thinking that Mythos – stories – are the basis of truth. Mythos has no connection with truth whatsoever. The Torah, Bible and Koran do not contain any truth content at all. They simply tell stories and bark silly, irrational orders at credulous, gullible, irrational, suggestible dupes.
There is no more to fear from Abrahamic “holy” texts than from the latest Hollywood horror movies. They’re pure Mythos and fantasy designed to achieve certain effects by the manipulation of our most primitive and basic emotions. They have nothing true to say to us.
Only rational truths are true; specifically, the analytic truths of mathematics.


Mythos religions are about spreading contagious fear via scary stories about the ultimate chamber of horrors: hell. All Logos thinkers are wholly immune to Abrahamic scare tactics and regard the “sacred” texts of these religions as infinitely silly. There’s only one genuinely frightening thing about them – the fact that billions of stupid people are suckered by them and rendered extremely dangerous as a result. What was the cause of, or certainly the excuse for, the Boston bombings? Islam.

Different Human Species
Biological evolution always comes to an end at a certain well-defined point: when consciousness appears. At this stage, a biological body stops being primarily part of the material world and instead becomes a denizen of the mental world. From that point on, mental, not physical, evolution takes place, and the ultimate mental evolution leads to divinity. “God” is simply the supreme rational consciousness of which existence is capable.
Neanderthal Man may be classified either as a subspecies of Homo sapiens (in which case Neanderthals are Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) or as a separate species of the same genus (in which case they are Homo neanderthalensis). Although Neanderthals could mate with Homo sapiens they apparently didn’t at all, or only in very small numbers.
In the modern day, there are two separate mental species of Homo sapiens: Homo sapiens mythos and Homo sapiens logos. The former is driven by emotion and the senses, the latter by reason and intuition. Although these two subspecies can mate, it’s unlikely that they form any lasting attachments. Thinking intuitives would never have relationships with Abrahamists or Karmists.
Before humans became conscious, they had master-slave bicameral minds. It’s quite likely that the bicameral mind was a form of group mind, with the alpha male of a group mentally controlling the individual members of a group via his “voice” manifesting itself in their right hemispheres (through a Jungian archetypal process).
Star Trek already provides a vision of what the human future will be like. In Star Trek, there’s no money and Earth is ruled by a supreme meritocratic council. Starships are crewed by strictly meritocratic teams. There are no cruel, fanatical and fantastical religions, no celebrity culture, and the super rich elite have long since vanished. Humanity is intent on travelling across the universe and learning all of its secrets. Is that not what we ought to be doing rather than getting on our knees to Allah, or wailing in front of the Wailing Wall, or rolling on the floor and proclaiming that Jesus will save us, or worshipping celebrities and the super rich?

Hockney, Mike (2013-04-30). HyperHumanity (The God Series) (Kindle Locations 662-667). Hyperreality Books. Kindle Edition.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41915898

That's really interesting. But how does this natural form of mind-control happen biologically?
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