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Message Subject Empathy, Integrity, and Transparency
Poster Handle MRoot
Post Content
A most excellent post Sep.

We have been conditioned for multiple generations to Align, Resist and Judge.

We have politics, religion, commerce, education and sports to divert and capture our attention and control us.

Any alignment subsequently produces resistance. Judgement is present as the "scale" by which we measure the world around us.

Choice has been limited to the extent that nearly all choices place us in a conditioned response loop...align, resist, judge.

The lens of perception is a filter that is one our greatest weaknesses as well as our greatest strength.

You are correct that our world would be a much better place if we would practice empathy, integrity and transparency.

There is a shift occuring,...I do however think it will be a bumpy ride.

Thanks for starting off my day with hope.

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