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Message Subject Proof you will live this exact same life over and over again for all eternity
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I relate this to the concept of infinity.

If the application of infinity is true and there exists a infinite multiverse, then OP is correct.

Anything and everything you could ever imagine is also happening somewhere.

:They are here:
 Quoting: MrAC2U

Here is an article "Going round in circles""-
In contradiction to most cosmologistsí opinions, two scientists have found evidence that the universe may have existed for ever. One of those scientists is the one and only Roger Penrose and he believes that the Big Bang in which the visible universe began was not actually the beginning of everything. It was merely the latest example of an eternal series of bangs that renew reality when it is getting tired out. More importantly, he thinks that the pre-Big Bang past has left an imprint on the present that can be detected and analysed, and that he and a colleague in Armenia have found it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26691506

yeah i used logic to think this out as a kid.. there cant be a start and an end to time, something cant come from nothing, so something allways has to have been there, and it could just as well be something as nothing... so it has to be a circle ... at some point you end up where you started, which means we're trapped in the lives we live now, forever

as one up here described, hell
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