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Subject Proof of the Illuminati! Show your friends and family!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am a God-fearing Christian so you can trust that I do not tell a lie. I'll start from the beginning. I live in South Carolina and just about a month ago, when I was at the local NRA convention, I realized that no 50% of America would be dumb enough to vote for a black. It's just plain suicide. So, I thought it over and decided that it must had been the illuminati. I told everyone I could by standing on a car at a Tea Party rally and everyone applauded. Without this illuminati group, we would never see a monkey president. 90% of America is conservative, but the Illuminati rig the elections. The other 10% are Californians who like wiggers. I watched all of the conspiracy programs that we have on this here youtube and they all make sense. Satan installed a wigger as president so that he could bring upon the end of times. It all makes sense!
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