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cool dream last night

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06/19/2013 03:35 AM
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cool dream last night
i remember bits and pieces of course god i need DMT, anyways...

I was about to go threw a portal with the rest of my class to make it to our singing lessons, and for some reasons me and 2 other people were the last ones to go, i guess we were stuck talking, when i went threw the portal it was like all the sides were lava and the burnt me into noting and i could feel it, then BOOM i was in a auditorium and the whole class was singing. I wasn't aware of what song they were singing because i was late and then i jumped in with a little bit of improve for the climax and everyone started clapping, then i woke up laughing :\


i just remember when i teleported i was sitting backwards in my chair and had to re position myself

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