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Message Subject The Alien Black Knight Orbiting Earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Okay,you want the truth its a orbiting capsule,its a seed bomb just like the one they used to wipe out the dinosaurs,life forms on earth have on average life span of 3 score and 10 that is every 70 thousand years life on earth gets changed,every 70 thousand years they come by and detonate that seed bomb and replace life here with another form,it has been this way for eons,the asacika who come from a planet that has two suns and is many light years from earth,the asacika made us in there own image and there home planet tiatia looks identical to earth what we are is there self there antimatter self.

Sorry to be blunt but this is not a artifact its a bomb the seeds of life forms and our earth rule is coming to a end.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42144334

Cool. Now, please, tell us what's your source. Boutade? Channeling? Astral travel? Have you read it in a book? YouTube? What? coffee4
 Quoting: Inerrancia

Can not tell you how or way,but its from the asacika right from them to me.
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