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Message Subject The Alien Black Knight Orbiting Earth
Poster Handle Inerrancia
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There is much speculation derived from the math of it's orbital range that seems to indicate to some that it may have been up there literally thousands of years. If so, it's from a technology and science FAR beyond what we could do at present. Given that as a possible fact - the unit may well have some self-defense capabilities to prevent it's capture or retrieval. I think that even attempting to go too near to it until and unless we have long range penetrating "xrays" of the interior, would be foolish in the extreme.

We do know that signals sent toward it have been captured, time delayed for sometimes long periods of time (years in some cases) and then re-broadcast back to the sending point on earth. Could it be that these signals have been relayed to another part of the galaxy, processed, and then sent back with some minor digital alterations which we have not yet detected? I mean it would be one possible way to communicate with us from a distant civilization. And one that would require a certain level of technical expertise and therefore development to decode. I would love to have both the original and returned set of signals and have them compared on one of the new Quantum Computers for any detectable differences in all known spectrums and frequencies. I suspect we just might find something that "someone" out there has been waiting for us to decode.

Almost like the plot from that Jody Foster movie - where the earliest TV Signals of Hitler at the Olympics in Germany before WWII were broadcast and received back with a digital sideband that decoded into a device that launched Ms. Foster into black holes and allowed her to make "first contact" with someone/something out there. But fact often imitates fiction - especially in the realm of science lately. Might be worth the time and cost of running these two sets of signals (although in reality it has happened several times over the years so there are really several pairs of sent/received signals available) for comparison with the other info.

wonder why they do not retrieve it.
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Well, I think we have here two cases, correlated or not, but with the common point about an alleged extraterrestrial probe or object orbiting Earth or located around Earth's vicinity.

The first was the affair of the delayed radial echoes registered by Philips' technicians in the 20s. The case was investigated by Duncan Lunan in the early 70s, and you can find the information in the Lunan's book "The Man and the Stars" (Lunan concluded then that the affair was caused by an alien probe from Epsilon Bootis, probably present in Earth's vicinity from thousand of years ago; later Lunan dismissed his own hypothesis, but the book is still very juicy)

The second case is the Dark/Black Knight affair... I've read about "alien transmissions" received by ham radio operators in the 50s-60s, in some book or books by Brad Steiger (I don't remember now exactly in which ones), and possibly in some of Robert Charroux's... I don't remember if Steiger linked the alleged cases with the Dark Knight in concrete, but I think the context is important and very possibly there's some correlation. Unfortunately, I haven't at hand those books, and I cant, for now, give more precise asseverations on it.
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