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Message Subject The Alien Black Knight Orbiting Earth
Poster Handle Inerrancia
Post Content
I want to call it a craft...Mostly due to the size of it...I compare size close to the length of the Washington Monument...Inside there are stations...Each one seems connected to a central panel at the front of the craft...An area where it looks like the nose of a plane...On the panel were four...five section rows of tabs/buttons(?)...They seemed to have been...used/finished...for the tabs/buttons were filled along the edges with yellow/green colored dots the size of peas...The fifth row was not filled...The tabs/buttons had dots that were moving in formation around the edges...Out of the five...Two were not moving...I am not sure as to what this is...Maybe a counter of some type?...The rest of the area had some type of viewing stations...Each station had a row of strange symbols above it...Do not know what can be seen at each station yet...The areas within the craft were brightly lit...The entire area within the front emitted a strong signal...It matched in frequency to the 'ear ringing' sound...A very high pitched frequency...That lowered in pitch at times...It seems to be moving closer to earth...For it is still caught in the rotation around it...It was moved further away?...maybe something/someone moved it?...It does seem old...I do not know how old...but old
 Quoting: Settle4It

Wonderful, my friend. Amazing.hfhfhf May you give us some more precise information, for example about the relative location of the object? It's orbiting Earth from some distant point, higher tan the usual satellites? It's, for example, around the middle of the average Earth-Moon distance?
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