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Message Subject The Alien Black Knight Orbiting Earth
Poster Handle Inerrancia
Post Content
OK, dudes & dudettes... We must clarify this a little!

The “alien transmissions to ham radio operators” craziness began in the early 50s, with people as George Hunt Williamson (yeah, one of the Adamsky’s buddies) claiming to be talking with “space brothers” via ham radio (firstly, via Oui-Ja), and later “telepathically”. The topic then was about our brainless atomic wildness, and how the Interplanetary Brotherhood must watch upon us closely because we are in the path to selfdestruction, with huge cosmic consequences. Around these years (even months), people as Jack Sarfatti, then a teenager, (self-)allegedly received phone callings from an alien computer trasmitting from an alien starship. We are around 1952-54 here, the Golden Age of Contactees (with Adamsky beginning his stuff, and Van Tassel his conversations with Ashtar, and etc). “Curiously”, “coincidentally”, this is a period with a lot of worldwide “marian apparitions” too. The UFO craziness is so huge that the Penthagon establishes the Robertson Pannel and a lot of police protocols on UFOs, etc.

It’s in 1954 when ex-soldier & flying saucers’ megafan & megaexpert Donald Keyhoe reveals the existence of TWO UNKNOWN ORBITAL OBJECTS around Earth, how they were tracked by the military staff/stuff (with Lincoln LaPaz as scientific authority), and how “officially” the things were simply “asteroids”... It’s in February of this year that, the legend says, Ike Eisenhower had a rendezvous with the alien tripulants of five UFOs in the Muroc (later Edwards) AFB (officially, Ike was then enjoying his holidays and/or he really had a rendezvous with... his dentist), Geeeshs... really this a mess, some talks about 1956 for the rendezvous, saying that Ike talked with living aliens, or he really only saw their corpses, or really he only saw UFOs’ wrecks from ufocrashes... The legend fix that saying that really there were TWO rendezvouses, the first with the cool good aliens (Stop the Bomb, morans!), and the second with the bad aliens (We have some nice alien technology over here, earthlings... Do you wish to deal with us...?). Go figure! According with the Ike’s son, Daddy never talked about UFOs privately.

The retired admiral Knowles communicates then with the POTUS, saying he’s in contact with a lady, herself in telepathical contact with the commanders (Affa & Ponnar) of the two unknown orbital objects, actually called M-4 & L-11, and asseverating that the USNavy and the Canadian Government were very interested on that information...

END OF PART ONE (break for dinner, dudes)
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