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Message Subject The Alien Black Knight Orbiting Earth
Poster Handle Inerrancia
Post Content
Ok then, let go.

The craziness was then open hysteria when that same May (1954’s) the people was stoned staring at those FLYING SAUCERS ABOVE THE CAPITOL ITSELF, really an unknown object of around 250 feet in diameter, up there during around three hours...

Meanwhile, the thing about the TWO UNKNOWN ORBITING OBJECTS was going on. It’s supposed they were detected early this year by the USNavy dudes from White Sands Base; the objects are above 1000 Km high in polar orbit (!), and Clyde Tombaugh & Lincoln LaPaz are staring them. Officially, they don’t exist at all, or they are “only” captured asteroids... WTF??? It’s said that it’s now when USA & the Soviet Union established common protocols on UFOs affairs, just when Ike said publicly that “Flying Saucers exist only in the imaginations of the viewers”.

SO we are now in 1955, when Gral. MacArthur said that thing about “the ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy”, and Gral. Marshall declared that the UFOs are real and “manned by visitors from outer space”, geee... It’s now when the POTUS authorices green light for an American project on artificial satellites (sure, the Ruskies were then building Baikonur!), and it’s the moment for the Project Vanguard (and the USArmy Project Jupiter)...

What about the TWO UNKNOWN ORBITAL OBJECTS? When, for then we actually could speak about THE object, because one of them simply disappeared. It’s said that LaPaz informed the POTUS about the eventually NON ASTEROID nature of the remaining object, in polar orbit and transiting FROM EAST TO WEST.

It’s in 1956 when an engineer from Iowa said to be in radioastronomic contact with an amazing “metalic” alien voice from outer space, with messages of considerable poetic wisdom... The messages were linkedthen with amazing UFO sightings too.... And this is the moment too for the alleged sinister alien abduction –and vivisection & mutilation- of Sgt. Lovette from White Sands Base...

1957 is high about American hysteria. The soviets can reach the outer space... and whatever location on Earth with their intercontinental missiles. As a matter of fact, the Reds put in orbit a ball (Sputnik I) and a little lovely dog (Laika, inside the Sputnik II), adding insult to injury. Meanwhile, the Vanguard rocket was one of the most expensive fireworks of history... The American adventure of space (and atomic vectors) improves in the next year.

END OF PART TWO (break for smoking tobacco)
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