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Message Subject The Alien Black Knight Orbiting Earth
Poster Handle Inerrancia
Post Content

OK, this happened pretty recently. But one remarkable precedent was the known as "The Stuart's Event", in November 1953. The blast was supposed as the equivalent to a nuke of 35 megatons, and was fortunately photographied by amateur astronomer Leon Stuart, from Oklahoma

[link to www.jpl.nasa.gov]

I think this is interesting, because is some sort of background of NEOs for the TWO UNKNOWN ORBITAL OBJECTS in 1954 and basically then labeled as "asteroids" (for more context, go to page 9)...

...HOWEVER, Dr. Lincoln LaPaz himself (allegedly) dismissed the "asteroid nature" assumption about the objects... because their (allegedly again) BIZARRE ORBIT (and "bizarre" means here "unnatural")...

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