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Message Subject The Alien Black Knight Orbiting Earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How advanced? Let me put it this way. Atlantis is described as a continent that can only be entered by going through "The Gates of Atlantis" That gate likely could have been a star gate floating in the ocean.
 Quoting: Defragthis

why must humans make everything so damn complicated simply because they aren't yet aware of the truth of the matter?

there was an earth AGE prior to this one OBVIOUSLY

wherein and by the earth was widely populated and there we at that time no such thing as "oceans" upon the habitable land

that entire Age was destroyed at which time the waters "above" the firmament came crashing down upon the earth and upon the heads of those souls hereupon

who had made the ultimate error in judgment having listened to satan who led them astray with all willingness that they should perish

well they didn't perish, they could have but for the mercy of their Creator

instead the earth was set aside for a new Age then to follow wherein each of the souls who had existed hereupon in that former Age was to be "born through the waters of the womb"

and that's how you came to be here, where you came from

and who and what had all that highly advanced technology and astrological information in the former Age! it was YOU people, get a clue. you persist in believing you've been "reincarnated" time and again yet the idea of having lived before yet simply NOT IN FLESH is unimaginable to you for some reason, which boggles the mind in truth

you ARE what those who have studied these earlier civilizations often refer to as "the Wingmakers"

good grief, you will take the simplest of things and try to work them into huge contrivances of complexity and confusion

seems to me you love to do so hence you will carry on accordingly until the onset of the Millennium, at which point you will be face to face with the undeniable truth as your past recall will instantly be returned to you at the 7th Thunder/Trump

"then will their faces be "as flames""

for more than one reason, rest assured
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