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Message Subject Video: al-Nusra Front commits a crime by executing ( behead) and shoot three civilians in Aleppo countryside: CAUTION: SICK! ( UPDATE )
Poster Handle told ya
Post Content
SYRIA: illuminati FOOLED angelic VLADIMIR PUTIN with "heart-eating rebels"
Putin statement against delivering weapons to the freedom fighters as he falls for illuminati propaganda of "heart-eating rebels"

Reminder of Last Prophet's words:
The latest weapons used by the illuminati against the FSA: the illuminati creation "jihadists of Al-Nusra Front" and Assad's arsenal of chemical weapons.

Why Assad doesn't attack jihadist Al-Nusra, sold by illuminati media as "rebels": Al-Nusra "Jihadist rebels" created by illuminati to save Assad
Ever since the fight for freedom began in Syria the illuminati imposed an arms embargo "on Syria", in fact meant on the Free Syrian Army FSA.
Free Syrian Army (FSA) has been facing on the ground Assad's iranian and Hezbollah mercenaries, tanks, air force for more than two years now.
Despite this mid 2012 the Assad regime had already lost control of much of Syria.

Al- Nusra is the armed jihadist version of the "moderates" of the "Syrian National Coalition"
The Syrian National Coalition was designed to include illuminati puppets ranging from the Muslim Brotherhood leader to "moderate scholar Moaz al-Khatib".
It is presented by illuminati media as the representatives of the SYrian rebels, although these illuminati puppets have nothing to do with the Free Syrian Army FSA.
In fact there are no armed revolutionaries behind this puppet organization.

Last tactical weapons before NATO is forced to invade Syria
Assad's defeat would force the illuminati to deploy ground troops to carry on the genocide, like 2004 in Fallujah, Iraq (1).
What did the script have as last tactical weapons to try to destroy the freedom fighters in Syria, thus preventing Assad's defeat?
- Assad's chemical weapons, starting late 2012;
- the "jihadist rebels" tactic, in this case the illuminati creation Al-Nusra, also 2012, armed using the illuminati puppets of the "governments" of the Gulf "states" (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Emirates).
Using the usual "fake war" technique, the illuminati set Al-Nusra in the list of terrorist organizations (2).

Why did the illuminati create and arm Al-Nusra to play the role of "Jihadist rebels"?
- divide the resistance to Assad by have these "rebels" proclaim the goal of sharia law: divide and reign.
- dissociate syrians from the democratic revolution: refusal by dissociation (3).
- have Al-Nusra on the ground in fact fight the FSA not Assad's neo-Gestapo, or what fake wars are ultimately all about.
- have illuminati media sell to the world that "rebels are jihadists eating hearts of poor soldiers of the Syrian government".

(1) Fallujah, Iraq, November 2004: Genocide by the illuminati mercenaries, alias NATO.
[link to www.youtube.com]

(2) The "refusal by dissociation" psy-op technique: the classical example is offering "communist" illuminati puppets as "alternative" in the staged "democracy". Ongoing example:
PIGS how illuminati call Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain: why are "far left" leaders every day on TV repeating the broken record?
[link to www.scam.com]
 Quoting: TruthIsNeverTooHorrible 41926707

war, power, money and radical religion is ugly...and with some puppet psychopaths mixed into it, who can do what they want and be payed for it , makes it more shaming...
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