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Message Subject Are the Shriners a front for an Islamic illuminati group?
Poster Handle K.Kool
Post Content
Somewhere I have an old manuscript from the shriners
and they were praising allah as God.
Also swearing on the "Holy" Koran.

Seeing as how that satanic book figures prominently
with the Shriners, you can make your own judgment.

The masons wrap themselves in any religion they can
to deceive the useful idiots (blue lodge).
Their true purposes are satanic.
Their "god" is actually lucifer.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9456281

Thankyou for sharing this!

I've known about the masons perverting religion and faith to serve their own purposes, especially the Catholic, but their use of Islam is a big concern, given that terrorism is linked to it.
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