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Message Subject Are the Shriners a front for an Islamic illuminati group?
Poster Handle CYRIL
Post Content
why are you so hung up about them invoking Allah??
Allah and Jehovah are exactly the same god.
the god is the same and it's only the muslim religion/worship which is different.
just exactly the same as catholics, jews, Jehovah witness et cetera worship the same god by means of different religion.
just in case you don't realize that allah and yhw are the same just consider Abraham as the linchpin.
is Abraham the father of the jewish/Christian people :yes.
is Abraham the father of the arab/muslim people : yes.
who is the god of Abraham???
the jewish/Christians call him Jehovah
the arab/muslims call him allah...
it's all the same.

the same as lucifer and jesus are exactly the same person.
what does the bible call lucifer?? : the bright morning star.

what does the bible call jesus? : the star of the morning.

exactly the same star. in exactly the same book.
get over it. freemasons are good people.
their good deeds are self evident for all to see.
all members are good and decent men, often the pillars of society. impeccable character and reputation.
they freely give their time and money...yes money...to help the underprivileged in our society.

I challenge you to come up with one single shred of evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever by any member.

are paedophile pastors and priests more eveil and sinister than a member of freemasons??? yes.
thank god for the freemasons, I say.
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