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Message Subject Are the Shriners a front for an Islamic illuminati group?
Poster Handle Children of the Atom
Post Content
They deny any link to Islam, apart from a 'fun' theme,
but many fundamentalist Christian groups claim they swear an oath on the Qur'an.

They are high-level masons, that much is sure, but is their philanthropic frivolity a mask, behind which plots to keep the world enslaved take place?
 Quoting: K.Kool

Sorry Hun but you are REALLY off the mark.

As some background, whether or not this is inclusive to what you mention, I do not know for certainty. But this much IS certain. Shriners are not 'high-level' Masons. All Shriners are Masons but not all Masons are shriners. Shriners are refereed to as an auxiliary degree. Any Master Mason can become a Shriner. A Master Mason is a 3rd degree risen Mason. So it is very,VERY low in the food chain.

Secondly, there is an interesting tie with the red Fez. Allegedly when the Moslem warriors invaded and killed Christians,they dipped their hats in their blood. That is the symbolism behind the red fez.
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