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Message Subject Are the Shriners a front for an Islamic illuminati group?
Poster Handle K.Kool
Post Content
hey Kal, I think you are paranoid as many people are about the Illuminati/Freemason conspiracy.
when was this secret society formed? was it around 1776?
250 years ago.
if their aim was establishing a global government as it is claimed, why haven't they done it already? if they are so powerful as to control national governments and national and global finances?
they have had several opportunities to do it....particularly straight after WWII when the whole world was decimated and devastated and broke...they could have just waltzed in and take over...everyone....the Russians, China, india , Africa...the whole world.
But they didn't.
you know why?
because it is a totally toothless secret society patronized by delusional old farts...at the top...
at the bottom, as you say, the foot soldiers, they are without doubt sincere and dedicated men whose aim is the betterment of society and helping the needy.
even if the ceremonial thing is suspect and sinister looking, it is totally harmless.
proof??? ok...No ONE can proffer any shred of evidence that any of these people have ever done anything wrong.

secret societies have always existed thruout history...mystical, esoteric, what ever...but they have never amounted to nothing.

conspiracy theorists proffer the argument that these people are so powerful that they control the governments....
again, no one can show any proof.
are can you control a democratic government where all the hundreds of members are individual candidates? do you really think that all these candidates to elections are Illuminati's cronies??

finally, your fear of Islamic terrorism...yes, terrorism is a big issue in our time, but again, it cannot be addressed by reacting to the symptoms...it can only be addressed and eradicated by addressing the cause.
and what is the cause??? is it the Islam religion?
or is it the idiotic and arrogant british diplomatic act of artificially creating on a map the state of Israel, thus dispossessing Palestinians out of their homes and property? the artificial creation of Pakistan? the artificial creation of Kenya along topographical boundaries rather than tribal boundaries? the artificial creation of Kwuwait? dispossessing the 21st province of Irak?
all the problems we have in the world today are the direct results and consequences of idiotic decisions taken by England decades ago.....and now the chickens have come home to roost.. and England herself is reaping the biggest penalty in it's own homeland...
:) so don't stress about the Illuminati and the Freemasons...they pose absolutely no problem to our future wellbeing....on the contrary....they are a good and positive influence.
by the way, there are more sinister secret cults and organizations within the Vatican than within the Freemasons. The Vatican has indeed influenced countries elections and introduced their puppet governments by manipulating the elections at individual churches grassroots levels with priests being ordered to preach and deliver political sermons to indoctrinate the masses how to vote.
the Freemasons have never done anything like that.
oh, I am not a freemason by the way:) :)
 Quoting: MBECCU 42163597

Mbecu, I don't think they care for that kind of - overt -
control, it has suited them much better to remain in the shadows, and influence the world through the mind, so that govs and the most powerful among us 'profane' folk, pretty much conform to their ideologies.

Libertardism is a great example of this.

As is the degradation of religion, in the public eye.

And the rationalizing of economic decisions, so that the dignity of the individual, whoever he is, is debased, and morality is absent from political and corporate policies.

I don't doubt that ideologies have helped them, but they have backed them up with action, of influence, if nothing direct...I think our slavery has come about through their political and financial machinations.

Their 'grand architect' is a god of reason and logic, and
to me it looks like the end design is pretty much the NWO us conspiranoids have envisioned for years.
Since 9-11 the world has plunged into a pit, we are much more clearly in a master and slave state.

Throughout history, they have indeed had their members close to the powerful, I don't see any reason why they would have given up.
They have only gone more into the background..
or hidden plainly in sight, wearing red fez's, symbolizing shed Christian blood.
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