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Message Subject "Superman Logo Deciphered" thread delayed.....
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
I get a new ip many times a day so im not surprised your search efforts were in vain.

im have no desires or associations with any of the religious groups that you mentioned and I fail to see the point of you mentioning them.

as far as hating you, well that's just a load of self filled delusion. in reality I wouldn't waste my time on such an expensive emotion with a thread on glp.

now back to substance.

do you have any for us?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42020066

So how does one conclude your opinions.
•You are wrong in that I do not focus always on Hollywood as the source of all answers.
•You are not aware of Hollywood as a weapon.
•Yet you claim you are a good conspiracy theorist, as opposed to all us losers.
•You claim you are on multiple dynamic ip's, but you hesitate to give us a link to any of your threads so we could learn from you.
•You don't hate me on religious grounds.
So, I really don't know what to make of your response.

Is it my avatar you think?
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