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Message Subject Obama is a Leo & Putin is a Libra...Any Astrologers want to give their insights?
Poster Handle PallasAthene
Post Content
Obama is a Leo and Putin is a Libra.
From what I know about the two, Leo's need attention, and Libra's can sit on a fence foreveeerrr.
Are there any astrologers who can shed some insight on the planetary dynamics of these two men?
 Quoting: imjustsayin

Putin is an ice queen who is all head. Obama is heart and his biggest weakness is vanity/cowardice. Ironically it is Leos who are the most cowardly, despite their valiant avatar. Give me a Virgo, or a ruthless Scorpio, any day, those people will fuck you up, no questions asked.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24536143

I do like the Scorpios myself! Putin is a virgo in Vedic astrology!
 Quoting: PallasAthene

Putin always seemed very Scorpionic to me. He is boiling below the surface but cool and calculated at the top. Of the signs I have known, it is the earth signs + Scorpio that seem most capable of being ruthless and getting their way in the end. Virgo surprises because it seems so charming and innocent.. until it isn't. Virgo dark side seems like all of the characters in the movie "Sin City" , especially the character played by Elijah Wood, Kevin, and his counterpart Marv played by Mickey Rourke. Mickey Rourke is a Virgo, Elijah Wood has very Virgo-like traits. Barack Obama is definitely a Leo- he has very Leonine tendencies and characteristics. If Putin is Virgo in Vedic astrology, he fits my perception of the darker manifestation of Virgo. Virgo as a quiet leader with a spine of steel. I'm a fan of Putin's :).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24536143

Well Putin is an INTJ personality, he is a strategist. INTJ do not have many emotions, they are rational and use logic. Virgo are pandentic, like to have everything perfect or theres trouble. Funnily enough I am also an INTJ and can vouch for this type of what people think as "ruthless" person, when in fact I am logical and get the job done. No need for pussy footing around situations if you have an important job to do.

Do you not think Obama is too "snarky" to be a leo? He seems to me like a bitchy version of a Leo, bad at open confrontation, more likely to do behind the scenes deals. Two faced, thats what I mean! lol

I'm a fan of Putin too, I'm a fan off anyone doing an efficient job to be honest! :)

Whats your sun, moon and ascendant sign? Do you know? I find the subject really interesting!

I'm Sag sun, Libra moon, Gemini ascendant!
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