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Message Subject Obama is a Leo & Putin is a Libra...Any Astrologers want to give their insights?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If Obama truly is a Leo he is a weak one.

Strong Leos don't need to lie or manipulate to get people to follow them.

They are natural leader types - meaning weak or strong, others will follow regardless. The strength of character shows in the manner by which they lead.
 Quoting: Deaf Cat

What's your sun, moon and ascendant sign?

I NEVER get to talk about astrology, It's so annoying! I love this topic!!
 Quoting: PallasAthene

Interesting! I love astrology too. I am Virgo sun, Leo rising, Leo moon (very early Leo or very late Cancer- computer astrology predicts Cancer but most astrologers put the moon as Leo) in 12th house, Saturn in Leo on the ascendant. All other planets aside from Jupiter (gemini, 11th) are in the third house in Libra! I am a scientist and writer. I love astrology. Mostly lately I am figuring out how to deal with my shitty Mars in Libra.. some say with Pluto conjunct it is not a problem, but I am trying to deal with passive-aggressiveness particularly toward family and siblings/neighbors.. I just wrote a terribly passive-aggressive letter to my neighbor about his dog barking, on wonderful stationery.. if that is not Mars Libra with Leo/Virgo I can't imagine otherwise.

I have found most astrologers are Sag sun signs. I am no expert, btw., just love learning.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24536143

Is this vedic or western? Normally if your ascendant is with a degree of changing when you were born an astrologer will adjust your chart, as sometimes in hospitals it isn't until a couple of minutes after that birth time is recorded, you know what I mean!

Third house for lots of your planets, are you in a job or would like to be concerning media, communications or work with your hands (the hand is the symbol for third house in vedic!) With your planets in your 12th house you have hidden talents! Ah hold on just reading through your post here you are a writer, this is the influence of your third house!

Hey don't worry about mars in libra, my mars is in libra. libra is a great sign, it has to do with balance and beauty, so with me anyway the way this translates in my chart is that im very particular about my appearance, clothing is my protective armour, so before i go out of the house i have to look my best, mars wants to be a warrior and present the best to win. Just think of that aspect, I am a little passive aggressive too, and whats really odd is I too love stationary, I write with a certain colour of ink and always a fountain pen! We are alike! haha! hf

yes i just love learning about just about anything really, doesnt matter which subject so astrology was going to come round sooner or later!

Yes, my sag sun sign does give me a typical thirst for global cultures and their knowledge. fascinating and so very nice to have a great conversation on here for a change!

 Quoting: PallasAthene

This is the western zodiac- I don't know much about the sidereal but perhaps I would be rising/moon in Cancer instead? I am a scientist but I also write a lot both creatively and technically (and in web forums!). I am interested in your interpretation of Libra Mars since I've always thought it was a bad aspect for me.. conjunct Pluto and Venus in Libra in the third house (venus on the cusp of 4th). With the Pluto conj Mars I have a lot of intensity and drive, especially for work and communication, and I have taught myself several programming languages and now work in a computational scientific field doing research. I love languages and linguistics and my goal is to learn to speak Japanese this year as I adore the culture and would love to go back there. I agree it's great to have a positive conversation for a change! Thanks!

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