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Message Subject Illuminati Symbols shown on Pyramid Shaped Building during Brazil Protests!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this is insane.. we need more info.

i thought it was a projection at first done by protestors to make a statement.

have seen that done before in the US. they project images onto govt buildings and banks.

however it seems like the building is covered in LEDS? like a giant screen?

which would imply the building owners/operators did it purposely OR someone hacked/gained access to the display to make their images.

reading into the symbolism of the image, as for the fly... well, the fly (non illuminati) gets too close to the center (the truth) and gets crushed. it also changes color first. and it loses its shadow.. or rather, its shadow continues flying around for a bit after the green fly is smashed.

that looks like a glitch to me though. an error in the software/whatever.
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