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Message Subject Illuminati Symbols shown on Pyramid Shaped Building during Brazil Protests!
Poster Handle dmt vector
Post Content
This is the report of a Brazilian protester from Sao Paulo that has been participating in the protests since the beggining. Unfortunately it is all in Portuguese (I'm posting the links for those who might be interested), I am working on translating the main points.

She reports that some strange things have been happening and those strange things might be connected to a group of people trying to take advantage of the mobilization.

[link to medium.com (secure)]

 Quoting: Karoline

Unfortunately while we still are taking one side, and not paying attention in the fails of the system as a whole, then nothing will change.
I think this is pretty obvious at this point, because both of sides did nothing much different one from other untill now,
as everyone can see, maybe this separation just exists in the minds of sheeps, maybe they are the same bunch of crap.
We need a new model of goverment, that share substantially more the power of decision with the people,
we already have the aparatus, ours luxurious TRE headquarters can serve to this very well, is just do plebiscites for any important decisions and/or revocations.

Bus fare taxes, pfff

Ps.: And of course, many groups will try take some advantage of the moviments, starting for the individuals stealing cell phones and cameras in the middle, lol
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