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Message Subject Frank Sinatra was replaced in about 1951
Poster Handle Flight 815
Post Content
Celebrities have been replaced for a long time.

Howard Hughs was replaced in 1947. He DID die in that plane crash. After the crash, he suddenly mysteriously withdraws from society and has a change of personality. Then history is rewritten to claim he has some sort of paranoid obssession to explain it away - simply not true. It's all about keeping the money in the hands of the elite. Hughs made his money without their help; he was very independant and unique and did not play their NWO game so they stole his fortune from him through this fraud.

I also suspect this is what happened to Gretta Garbo. Why does she suddenly "want to be alone"? Did she actually die in about 1942? What happened to all HER money?

Doris Day, Matt Busby & BB King in the 1950s, as the song "Dig It" tells us as regards to what also happened to Paul McCartney.

Faye Dunaway was replaced in 1976. She is a very different person in Network than she was in Bonnie and Clyde.

Most shocking - Courteney Cox was replaced between seasons 4 and 5 of Friends - right in front of the whole world and hardly anyone noticed.
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