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masonic lodge# 305

yes you
User ID: 26656578
United States
06/21/2013 09:16 AM
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masonic lodge# 305
i was wondering ,how does it feel to have the whole universe looking at you and youre work...

i was also wondering, how it feels to have youre hidden hand taken and have youre own face smacked with it??

you are truly in a square and boxed in

now what you gonna do....

are you actually gonna do something good?? or just talk about it and do what you have been doing...scheming and dreaming

i have the list of names and phone records are on the way

it wont take long to wash you away with it

or pound on youre heads with it...who nose

i knew she worked for you...now i have proof

maybe next time while you are plotting youre junk... you should look into who you are plotting against and that they might be making records of youre actions....

you are on can-did cam-er-ra smi-le