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Message Subject What was 'free your brain' website really about?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Along with the techniques explained above, THEY will probably try to inculcate in your mind the ingenious idea that nothing has really changed since the hurricane passed through your city years ago. Indeed, they will deny the very existence of the hurricane.

THEY will try to describe the reality of the world around you as being similar to the pre-hurricane reality, perhaps adding a cover-up rational explanation to subliminally cheat your brain.

THEY will present this reality as an ongoing WAR between YOUR SIDE (i.e. THEIRS) and THE OTHER SIDE, a continuing WAR taking place in the BACKSTAGE, like in the old times. Lots of neutral people all around you, alligators here and there, the OTHER SIDE's dogs potentially available to "assault" you next corner and so on.

THEY will deny the probable existence of stunts in your family or workplace. Some of their characters will pose as neutrals, and some will pose as genuine foreigners or genuine pre-hurricane veterans from YOUR SIDE. After all, your brain needs to have something to believe in.

Well, all this crap is a LIE : nowadays THEY represent over 95 % of the total Earth population (including stunt characters in this number as part of the population). YOU KNOW IT. But THEY repeat their description of reality so many times that your brain is induced to believe in it, at least for a while.

This false reality that THEY try to inculcate in your brain you may call the "TIGHT SHOE REALITY". It's a description of reality that doesn't correspond to the truth. As long as you believe that "the Matrix is real", your perception will therefore be anchored in the veracity of this "TIGHT SHOE REALITY".

For those of you who like sci-fi movies, remember Fox Mulder and the X-Files motto :

"The truth is out there".

Out there of what ? Of the STAGE WORLD, of the Matrix reality, of Carlos Castaneda's tonal world. That's the BACKSTAGE. That's the activated crystals. That's where THEY live. That's where 95% of the STAGE WORLD's population are.

In another level of perception, you may add : "the truth is out there" : out of your linguistic and synchronicity prison. Inside this prison you'll find nothing but lies and illusions.

Never forget these facts. Read again the Introduction section over and over. If you have bought those videos ("The Matrix" and "The Truman Show"), watch daily small parts of them at home, as much as you need. Your brain may need it in the beginning of the freeing process.

And don't let them cheat your brain with a false reality that no longer exists.
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