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Message Subject What was 'free your brain' website really about?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
a) How could this "sedimented auras" version explain auras changing in 24 hours or so, during the hurricane ? I'm sure YOU REMEMBER this kind of happening from that epoch. What a rapid "sedimentation", isn't it ?;

b) How could this version explain the fact that during the passage of the hurricane only part of the population had "sedimented auras" and soon after the hurricane has passed, everybody (except for a few remaining 'alligators' that have resisted a little more) had already these "sedimented auras" ? The "sedimentation" process was selective in the beginning and global in the end ? Doesn't it sound strange for you ?;

c) How could this delirious description of reality explain the fact that during a relatively short period of time (one or two years during the passage of the hurricane) everybody got suddenly a "sedimented aura", and then, many years after that, no meaningful change in their auras was seen anymore ? What happened then ? Spiritual evolution had a break for coffee or something ? The auras stopped for resting after a concentrated effort ?;

d) How could this desperate version of reality sustain the fact that there is nobody "bad" in a whole city ? I mean, the alleged positive subliminal transmissions, had they exist, were supposed to reach only part of the population, those ones with a minimum of spiritual evolution, not reaching those more "dense" people. But what you see every day is an ocean of alleged "sedimented auras". You can't find the "bad" or "dense" auras anymore ! You watch the news. You see even characters that pose as drug dealers, rapists and serial killers with these alleged "sedimented auras". Wow, what a good "subliminal transmission" it must has been !;

e) How could this distorted version of reality explain the fact that some areas of the world are still not affected by this "sedimentation" process ? The "sedimentation" has geographical boundaries ? I mean, if you look into a map, from this point leftwards everybody is neutral (except for a few in YOUR SIDE), has a "sedimented aura", and therefore has a good character as a human being; and from this point eastwards everybody is also neutral (except for a few in YOUR SIDE), but has no "sedimented aura" anymore. Oops ! Now the "good character" human being rate in this area drops tenfold ! Do you think that the population of Seattle (USA), for instance (where the hurricane was still passing as of March 2000), is "less spiritualized" or "deserves less" to have "sedimented auras" than the population of - say - New York ? Of course not.

YOU KNOW there are no "sedimented auras". You remember the hurricane. You have witnessed rapid auric change all around you during the hurricane. YOU KNOW that all these people - representing over 95% of the STAGE WORLD population - have their activated crystals. THEY are all pretending. THEY are all characters.

If you still have any doubt about this, reread the section Introduction, watch again "The Matrix" and "The Truman Show", and use your sixth sense. Remember all the speculation. All the artificial synchronicity with your thoughts. The circus images in the news. Write it down. MAP it.

"You have no time for fear, doubt or disbelief".
(Morpheus to Neo, in "The Matrix")
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