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Message Subject What was 'free your brain' website really about?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another piece of this "tight reality" delirium THEY create to cheat your brain (denying the occurrence of the hurricane years ago in your city) is a technique used to corroborate everything, simulating the presence of the OTHER SIDE and of military movements typical of the WAR.

This may be done using second-meaning keywords, invented little stories, forged news in the STAGE WORLD, forged conflicts between THEIR characters, or practical procedures adopted by them.

Let's take a look at some practical examples, and you'll see what I'm talking about :

a) Someone in your workplace comments on : "My house is infested with all sorts of newts and geckos. There must be a nest nearby.";

b) You read the news in a paper : "Shark swallows surfer's leg." ;

c) Someone in the bus says : "His name is Johnny Bear.";

d) You watch the news on TV : "For the fourth consecutive year, a small town is sponsoring an exotic championship : a lizard race. That's what you heard : a lizard race (images showing lizards in a sand-made racetrack with several lanes).";

e) In a snack bar, the kids next table say to their younger brother : "Ho ho ho, the bogeyman will come to catch you.";

f) A relative of yours narrates the news in the Internet for you : "Did you see this ? Twenty men using Ninja masks have robbed a building. They have emptied the safes of the apartments and also diskettes containing valuable information from one of them.";

g) You dream about you crossing the drawbridge of a castle over which your grandmother is waving to you. But you are suddenly pushed and fall into the moat full of alligators;

h) You see another headline : "Girl devoured by hungry lions in the circus.";

i) Someone says at the university : "Drug dealers gangs are killing each other. Did you know ? There was a shooting last night and they used laser beam weapons. It seemed like the Gulf War".

Well, all these sentences above are false if you consider the sick second-meaning of the words. Remember : THE WAR IS OVER, at least in your area and also in more than 95% of the STAGE WORLD.

The sentences mean exactly what they say, in the first and only meaning of the words : if someone is called "Johnny Bear", for instance, that's just it, the name of the guy, and nothing else ! There are no alligators of the OTHER SIDE anymore in your area ! You won't see them anymore (not in this STAGE WORLD) ! It's over !

This kind of news is false. It's a circus. These facts are created and produced just like in the motion picture industry : if someones "dies" devoured by lions for instance, it wasn't real, it was a stunt. YOU KNOW. THEIR characters create, produce and manipulate acts and facts in the STAGE WORLD just to transform these "facts" into alleged "news" stuffed with keywords that will then be used to brainwash survivors' minds !

I suggest that whenever you hear one of these sick speculations around you, or whenever you start losing energy because of "news" like these, you mentalize the archetypes : "INVENTED OPPOSITION" and "THE HURRICANE HAS ALREADY PASSED". To reinforce you may add : "FEAR FISHING". And if it was through the news, you may still add : "LINGUISTIC NEWS IN THE STAGE WORLD".
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