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Message Subject What was 'free your brain' website really about?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well, as a consequence of seeing all this illusion created to deny the very occurrence of the hurricane years ago in your city or area, you may feel a little disappointed with the raw and naked truth. Your brain may need a time to get used to the truth.

"Welcome to the desert of the real."
(Morpheus to Neo, in the movie "The Matrix")

Oh, but THEY don't wait. THEY will try to speculate with their delirious keywords over this sensation too. So you may need to reinforce your mental defenses creating new archetypes and arranging your ideas clearly in order to face THEIR distortions.

As Carlos Castaneda would say, you must avoid letting your assemblage point moving down, in order not to lose energy.

Here are some concepts and ideas that may help you in this process : (you may add your own ideas, perhaps writing them down and categorizing everything).

a) You don't have your crystal activated, so you are NOT a character. You haven't learnt the art of stalking yet (behavior and pretending skills). You don't have any training to help neutrals or to engage in a military mission against the OTHER SIDE, either. And you don't live geographically in a neutral-inhabited region, because the hurricane has already passed through your area. So you don't fulfill any of the requirements needed to be selected for a mission in these areas;

b) Never mind. THEY will speculate anyway saying subliminally that you could be invited as an observer, for instance. You must remember that you no longer have time for these delirious trial balloons using second-meaning keywords. As long as you keep your mind thinking of invented hypotheses that never concretize themselves in the very first meaning of the words, you stay mesmerized under their control like a puppet, caught in their linguistic trap. In this example, mentalize : "TRIAL BALLOON TECHNIQUE", "INVENTED HYPOTHESIS" and "THE WAR IS OVER";

c) Missions in conflicted areas are assigned preferentially to people who have already a geographical availability, so as to maintain the maximum of naturalness in the movements. It is a military reasoning, a military approach, rather than an approach based on "merits", "spirit measuring", "external judgement" or other 'ego'-based theories or concepts. If it is needed, qualified personnel from other places (i.e. a foreigner, a stunt, or someone with a crystal activated and a lot of training) may be called, preferentially if their characters have some connection with the region (e.g. tourists, diplomats, businessmen, participants in a local meeting or conference, participants in a local competition, easy-riders, etc.);

< Archetypes to mentalize if needed : "GEOGRAPHICAL AVAILABILITY" and "MILITARY APPROACH" >
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