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Message Subject What was 'free your brain' website really about?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another technique THEY may use to deny the truth is a more audacious and ingenious maneuver, carefully orchestrated to deceive your brain and push you to the other extreme of reality. THEY simply change the elements in order to convince your brain that you're not only a Truman in the present time, but also you always have been just like Truman Burbank since the moment you were physically born in the Stage World !

Example :

You're at a family meeting with lots of people. Someone close to you picks up an old family album from the bookcase and starts browsing it in front of you. The person says :

"Hey, look at your parents in their wedding. How young they were !"

And when you look up the pictures in the album, you become petrified by what you see : in each one of the pictures of the wedding album, everybody has their auras from OUR SIDE. I mean really everybody : your parents, your relatives, uncles and aunts, cousins and cousines, grandpas and grandmas, the friends of your parents, even the priest. In other words, according to that album, since the day you were physically born in the Stage World everybody in your family was already from OUR SIDE.

So your brain is caught in a whirl of delirious fantasies about your condition as a Truman, and/or as a PAN, and you start doubting your own sanity. Perhaps the Matrix reality has never existed, you think for a moment, or perhaps the world where you live is only a computer-generated, Indian Reservation-like environment in one of the FOREIGNERS' places of origin. Then you start thinking to yourself : "How do you know that Japan exists ? Have you gone there ? Even if you had, did you go on foot ? Or would it be just another 'Reservation' ?".

Watch out ! This time THEY are pushing your brain to the other extreme of the reality spectrum. Instead of denying all the transformation generated by the hurricane a few years ago in their condition (in the majority of the cases, changing from a neutral state to the one of a member of YOUR SIDE), THEY simply push the occurrence of the hurricane toward the past, from the nineties to a time before your physical birth.

They are subliminally saying to your brain that you're not a survivor of the hurricane, because you were born after the hurricane. They are saying you're literally like Truman Burbank.

Again I must repeat that motto from the movie 'The Matrix' :

"You have no time for fear, DOUBT or DISBELIEF"
(Morpheus to Neo)

In this case, you have no other option than exercising your memory. YOU KNOW you were born in an almost totally neutral environment, and that the majority of your relatives (including your parents) were neutral persons before the hurricane.

YOU KNOW THOSE PICTURES IN THE ALBUM WERE MANIPULATED. YOU KNOW they've artificially inserted those auras in the pictures in order to deceive your brain. Remember : this is a 'piece of cake' for them. They can forge, fake, imitate, distort, or clone everything you can imagine (everything but true love). For some of them, it's so easy that they do not need the help of an Operation Center to do that, they do it mentally with their activated crystals.

Well, Stalin have consistently made this to change the 'official History' in Russia for many years, altering pictures or the content of many entries in the encyclopedias. That's a stalinist technique. For the purposes of this text, you may consider that "Trumanizing Your Past" is a particular variation of the "Stalinism technique - Changing the description of the past".

And always remember : the hurricane existed ! There was a hurricane ! There was a WAR against the OTHER SIDE ! Exercise your memory. Remember their auras when you were a child. Remember other pictures that you have seen prior to these ones. Remember the dark auras of the OTHER SIDE, including their dogs and alligators. Reread the section " Remembering the hurricane " above.

Don't let THEM play with your memory. Mentalize : "DENYING THE TRUTH" and "TRUMANIZING YOUR PAST". To reinforce, add : "REMEMBERING THE HURRICANE". In this example, you may also add : "FORGED PICTURES IN THE STAGE WORLD".
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