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Message Subject HELP! I am being hunted/stalked by the Illuminati and the mafia Right now! PRAY
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I know exactly what you mean mate! and what you are going thru.
they did the same thing to me when I was in uni last year.
I was top student in political sciences and physics and nano technologies
they sent a girl to seduce me and I was very vulnerable because I was a virgin and very highly strung sexually repressed because no girlg would like me because of my physical appearance which is a bit like the Quasimodo look alike except much younger.
so this girl was recruited from another country because they knew that I would have preferred to interact with another cultural exchange because I had mentioned this preference in a phone conversation which they had intercepted and so they kept me under surveillance and stalking .
so this girl become closer and closer and one day in pouring rain she seductively asked me if I could give her a lift in my car because it was raining and I took her to her flat. the flat was totally bugged with spy microphones and spy cameras.
so because we got drenched in rain walking up to her 3rd floor flat, she turned on the fire and got totally naked undressed and warmed up to the flames. I have never seen a naked girl before so I totally lost control and she seduced me but before that she undressed me and put my clothes on the fire to dry up. I must have been self conscious of my hunched back but she kept stroking it and stroking it until my back slowly straightened up with the excitement just like a reverse erection. it was wonderful so I decided to give in and join them but as long as they let me keep the girl which they gladly did and we now all live happily thereafter. I think you should not try and fight them. but rather give in and join them.it is much more fun, less stressful and more relaxing and you can have any girl you want.if you get tired of this girl you love they will send you another and another and another as long as you want. I don't regret nothing. it's all good. I hope my experience and support has helped you. god bless you bro..
 Quoting: ausios 42106622

THE CAMERAS were to blackmail you in weird SEX....ARE YOU THE ONE FROM Australia? YOU are going to the committee to testify?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42105984

NO WAY NOT NOW...NOW that those scum played this stupid game! I have been to the emergency room 2 times already!...THEY CAN KILL ME FIRST!....I DONT SUBMIT TO SATANIST sorry...I BELIEVE IN GOD!...YOU CAN TELL MRS. "D" she can go to hell....NO MATTER WHAT she does I will never ever ever ever serve her!
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