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Message Subject HELP! I am being hunted/stalked by the Illuminati and the mafia Right now! PRAY
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: NightView

they dont read my mind..they do phsychology reports on me for years so they can determine how i will react to this street terrorism....they know so much about me!. they have so many people involved i cant believe it! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS THEIR POINT? WHAT DO THEY WANT? HOW CAN I ENDD THIS? i know sex is somehow involved because they "counseled" me about it all the time.....what is going to take to stop? they have to have some type of purpose?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1496241

it's all about the sex thing mate, that's how they hooked me. but all they want is the information and then they leave you alone just like James Bond who was 007 for many years in secret but they all knew who he was especially the Russians. it was all about the Russians but now nobody cares about the Russians anymore they all care about the illuminati and the mafia it is a big battle against good and evil and they are getting ready for Armageddon battle with the antichrist so they need to have information to get ready for the battle they don't want any surprises when the time comes because Jesus said he will come suddenly like a thief in the night so they want to be prepared for the second coming.
 Quoting: aussie 42106622

what info do they want from me? and what about sex? im a sex abuse victim and the girl was always talking about my abuse?..it was kinda weird? this people are not intelligent enough to understand my info. they are not high level enough...and why dont they just come and ask me? ill just tell them so they will fuck off!
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