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Message Subject HELP! I am being hunted/stalked by the Illuminati and the mafia Right now! PRAY
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If any of this is true...

Expose the people in the cult. Send your info to everyone from local media and the msm to respected conspiracy theorists and the whacked-out ones.

If you can hack, hack the shit out of them and get some dirt on them.


Get out of OC and LA, and go where people are more down-to-earth, intelligent and understanding and will have your back, and surround yourself with them. A more hardline church could help - especially if they believe the kinds of things you'll have to tell them.

Or, next time they're around you or you're around them, make a scene in public and act like you don't remember them or really anything - like you damaged your brain or something. Make yourself appear useless and harmless to them. They might back off. It'll at least stir the pot again...may give you more openings. Or they might just kill you to be safe. I don't know.

Do you have money? You could hire some local men in need of work to have your back...

Also, ask your girlfriend and anyone else that wants out of the cult to contact all of the other people that have shared the same sentiment, and tell them it's jailbreak time.

Just some ideas...
 Quoting: MagTog

THEY HAVE HER IN HIDING...trying to get her back into the Mind control slave she was before....I don't know where she is...IM NOT THE BEST Christian but this experience HAS CHANGED that...PLEASE IF YOU ARE A REAL Christian..tell GOD im sorry for everything I ever did....I heard God will answer the prayers of real Christians better...THEY somehow CLOSED My bank account?

I HACKED so well I got lots of dirt..but some of my protection comes from SHUTTING my mouth....

I thought about putting up my real name and the freemasons name and the professors and police...BUT I think they will kill me for sure!

I TRIED to call a Christian "advocacy group" they said they really wanted to help...until this week ...now they admitted to me they work for the cult finding out who wants to expose them....I WONT DO that again!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42105984

Now you see how dangerous NSA META DATA MINING is, and can be abused: YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO ESCAPE THESE BASTARDS when NSA-Fusion Centers facilitate all this.

That's the real scandal at NSA: the give access to contractors and scum who are not working a legal, legitimate surveillance of any kind.

STALKING with access to Meta Data.......exponentionally expands the intrusion.

If you complain to the cops or feds..........fawghetaboutit.

These bastards could care less.

When I offered info on headline murder cases: all the info was nothing but entertainment to the cops, with no prosecution going up the chain of the entire conspiracy.

Big cases get politicized by either the investigators or the prosecutors.

Big cases like MURDER BY MEXICAN MAFIA IN AUSTIN, TEXAS (covered up by former APD Association President, MIKE "fatboy" SHEFFIELD (aka "the two legged Irish Land Walrus").

Fatboy Sheffield made a name for himself by laundering kickbacks from local vicelords...to buy up the city council so APD could get the contract they wanted.

Fatboy is now working for Texas C.L.E.A.T. (an organization dedicated to following a protocol to maximize power of law enforcement in Texas by using kickbacks from vicelords).

I advise all of you to move to some other country as soon as possible...........this one is a military boot camp, and your entering it as either an enemy or a recruit who is on the bottom of all the rigid fuckyou abuse.
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